Clinical Services

Drs. Katz and Pierson came together to form 3LI, in large part, because of shared values and beliefs that clinical care should be nothing short of excellent. We are proud of the clinical services that we have provided to our clients throughout our many years of work in this field, and we have maintained reputations as dedicated and knowledgeable clinicians with outstanding integrity. 

One of our aims at 3LI is to attend to the whole person in our provision of clinical services. We have expertise in a number of related disciplines—speech-language pathology, literacy disorders, learning disabilities, and education, and we meet regularly with one another to ensure that our clients' needs are carefully considered. Finally, we view ourselves as life-long learners who are routinely in search of more knowledge—we expect this of ourselves and of the graduate students and professionals whom we have trained and will continue to train.

At 3LI, we offer a variety of assessment and therapy services for children and adults. For more information about these services, please click on the individual links under Clinical Services at the top of the page.