Literacy & Language Guidance

Often individuals with literacy, language, and learning difficulties (and/or their families) need or want information, have questions, and/or are seeking support and guidance.

Sometimes a new diagnosis is confusing, and individuals and families need help in understanding the diagnosis and determining the next steps. Sometimes college students need support in making decisions about which classes to take or how to talk with their professors about their disorders/disabilities. Sometimes parents of children with language, literacy, and learning difficulties need guidance in how to work with teachers and school administrators or how to help their children at home.

Drs. Katz and Pierson have worked with numerous clients and families over the years and understand the many issues that can arise when someone has a language-based learning disability. We can help you problem solve challenges at home or in the school or work environment. Together we can formulate a plan that will help you or your child negotiate these challenging contexts in order to realize full potentials. We believe that everyone can learn, achieve, and succeed!


We can meet by phone, in person, or in other settings to offer guidance as needed. Contact us today to discuss how we can help you.