Literacy & Language Therapy


We believe that therapy should help clients develop stronger and more effective skills and strategies so that they may develop greater independence and lead successful lives.

As professionally trained speech-language pathologists with additional expertise in reading and writing, Drs. Katz and Pierson utilize current evidence-based approaches with consideration of our clients’ individual strengths, needs, and values.

The first step in literacy and language therapy is to establish baseline levels in areas of need (e.g., vocabulary, language comprehension, spelling, sound-symbol association). We work with our clients (and their families) to develop specific goals and objectives that will be targeted in therapy sessions. This can be done during a formal assessment or during diagnostic therapy. Based on your or your child's needs, we will do our best to determine a therapy schedule that will fit into your already busy lifestyle.

Once we begin, an important part of therapy will be regular assessment—for the purposes of measuring progress, determining when approaches might need to be modified, determining the point at which new goals/objectives should be initiated, and determining when goals/objectives have been met. It is an iterative process—we set goals, work toward and achieve those goals, re-assess current levels, and set new goals; you get the picture!

Throughout this process, we will keep you fully informed of and involved in the decision-making process, including progress and those very important next steps. We can treat, advise, tell you what the research says, but ultimately, we understand that you know your or your child's needs, challenges, desires, and hopes best. We believe that the work in the therapy room is not the end goal; it is your or your child's success in life. We commit to ensuring that the goals in the therapy room map onto where you or your child plan to be going.


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