Colleges & Universities

With more and more students with literacy, language, and learning difficulties pursuing post-secondary degrees, colleges and universities are finding it increasingly more important to identify ways in which they can better retain their students, and more importantly, allow them to learn and meet with academic and professional successes.

There are a variety of college/university offices and programs that are involved in providing academic support to their students with literacy, language, and learning difficulties. 3LI is well equipped to provide offices of disability services, academic support centers, tutoring programs, writing centers, and the like with the guidance and support needed to help their students meet with academic success.

Consulting services might include:

  • Helping administrators, faculty, and staff in developing better systems for identifying and maintaining connections with students who are struggling

  • Assisting relevant personnel in initiating and/or maintaining communication between existing support systems and the students who could benefit from them

  • Guiding relevant personnel on how to improve their faculty's (or others') understanding and awareness of the kinds of difficulties that students with literacy, language, and learning issues experience in college

  • Helping tutors and the like become better able to recognize signs and symptoms that are suggestive of literacy, language, and/or learning disorders/disabilities


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