9/21/13: 3LI Speaking at Michigan - IDA Conference

September 21, 2013

Last chance to register for the Michigan Branch of the International Dyslexia Association's annual fall conference in Ann Arbor, MI. For more information, please see the MI-IDA website.

Dr. Lauren Katz is the featured keynote speaker with her talk entitled, "Reading Comprehension Intervention with Older Students: It is Not Too Late." In the afternoon, she will be presenting, "Promoting Morphological Awareness/Analysis Skills in Struggling Readers."

Dr. Pam Ludolph will be presenting a talk entitled, "Smooth Sailing at Home: A Learning Disability Affects More than School Life."  

Dr. Joanne Pierson will be talking about the DyslexiaHelp website, "DyslexiaHelp: A Web-Based Curriculum and Resource Center."

Please join us there!